Meets Grandma's Approval!

About us


The Southern Poundcake was introduced to me as a child by my Grandma Ameree, she always made these delicious cakes from scratch for special occasions.  This recipe was handed down to me and over time we kept the tradition going with our own kids, with added touches we are able to create other unique flavor combinations.  Perfect Poundcakes llc., is a product of love created by Chad and Tamika Mitchell, it originated from Grandma’s original recipe. The love of these cakes inspired us to take the next logical steps in bringing our cakes to you!  

Perfect Poundcakes are made from scratch, with quality ingredients and hand poured.  No shortcuts are ever taken because we want you to enjoy our cakes as much as we do!  You will taste the quality in every bite!

Each cake is a true testament of our love for baking!

The proof is in the batter, we don’t  hide behind the frosting!

ServSafe Certified

Licensed Wholesale/Retail distributor